Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Marne, a river of France which gives its name to two departments. Rising in the hilly country north of Langres. it. flows in a north-westerly direction for some 300 miles till it joins the Seine at Charenton. It is navigable as far as St, Dizier, and is connected by canals with the Rhine and the Aisne, as well as with the Seine. The department of Marne has an area of 3.159 square miles, and has Aisne and Ardennes on the north, Aube on the south, Seine-et-Marne on the west, and Mense on the east, From the vines grown in the north the best champagne is made; in other parts of the department there is excellent pasturage, and good root crops are raised. Chalons and Rheims are the chief towns. Haute-Marne lies to the south-east between Aube, Vosges, Meuse and Cote d'Or. It has an area of 2,402 square miles. Large quantities of iron ore are obtained from the soil, and much wine is made. Chaumont is the chief town.