Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Marlborough. 1. An old town in Wiltshire, stands on the left bank of the Kennet, 10 miles S. of Swindon. To the south-west of the town is a British mound, on which a castle was built by William I. Here was held the Parliament of 1267. at which the Statutes of Marleberge were enacted after the Barons' War. The castle was for long after a royal residence, was taken in the Great Rebellion, and nearly burnt down in 1653. In 1843 the mansion erected near its site in the reign of Charles II. was converted into Marlborough College.

Marlborough bad long been a municipal borough when, in 1885,it was disfranchised.

2. A district in New Zealand, in the north-east of the South Island, the area of which is 3,000,000 acres. A great part is under pasture; and gold, copper, and other minerals are found.