Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Mariette, Auguste Feedinand Fbancois (1821-81), called Mariette Pasha, was born at Boulogne, and educated there and at Douai. After a short time spent in England, he became professor at Boulogne Municipal College, and through having been entrusted with the papers of his cousin, Nestor l'Hote, he began to study Egyptology. In 1849 he was given an appointment in the musee at the Louvre. In the following year he was sent to Egypt, by the Government to discover Coptic MSS., and spent the rest of his life there, with the exception of the years 1854 to 1857, when he published the results of his recent discoveries. On his return he was made inspector-general of Egyptian monuments. In 1863 he became director of the museum at Eoulak (now Gizeh), and next year published Ape mi de l'Histoire d'Eyypte. Further results of his excavations in the Nile valley were Abydos (1869-80), Karnah (1875). In 1878 he became a member of the Institut, and he died at Cairo in 1881.