Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Malachy, St. (circa 1094-1148), Archbishop of Armagh and Papal Legate, was ordained at 25, and at 30 was Bishop of Connor, after presiding over the monastery of Bangor. When Connor was sacked by the king of Ulster, Malachy founded a monastery in Munster. Celsus, Archbishop of Armagh, though the dignity was considered hereditary in his family, named Malachy as his successor; but the latter, when once he had put the see in order, gave it up in all but name. In 1139, on his way to Rome to seek the pallium, he visited St. Bernard at Clairvaux, and on the way home he brought back with him four Cistercians, who founded the monastery of Mellifont. In 1148 he went again to Clairvaux", and there he died. St. Bernard wrote his life.