Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Magnesiaad Meandrum

Magnesia (ad Meandrum), a city of Ionia (though not included in the Ionic League), in Asia Minor, near the Maoander, and ten miles N.E. of Miletus. The city was wealthy and prosperous till it fell into the hands of the Romans. Themistocles died here in 449 B.C. A temple of Artemis which existed here is said to have excelled that of Ephesus, and excavations show it to have been of great importance. Another Magnesia was a city of Lydia. on the S. bank of the Hermus. Here in 190 B.C. Antiochus the Great was defeated by Scipio Asiaticus, but the city flourished through Roman times and later. From this city we are said to get the words magnesia, magnesium, and magnet.