Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Magellan (properly Magelhaens), Fernando de, Portuguese voyager, born about the year 1470, entered the service of Spain, and undertook to discover a new route by the westward to the Moluccas. In October. 1520, in this endeavour, be traversed the strait which now bears his name. In the following month he discovered the Pacific, and on March 6th, 1521, sighted the Mariannes. In an unprovoked action with the natives of Matan Magellan was killed in 1521. The expedition, or so much as remained of it, returned under Sebastian del Cano.

“Not a drop of rain falls in the sandy desert or on the barren rock, however useless it may seem to be, that is not seen to be of value by God, and that is not designated to accomplish some important purpose there.”
–Albert Barnes, Notes, Job 38:26