Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Maestricht, a town of Limburg, in Holland, whose name denotes its position at the crossing of the Maas, it having been a Roman military post on the way to Cologne. It is 18 miles N.E. of Aixla-Chapelle, and the same distance N.W. of Liege, most of the town being on the left bank, and joined to the suburb Wijk by a stone bridge. It is a garrison town, and was strongly fortified; and it is since the removal of the fortifications and the opening of railways to Aix, Liege, and Hasselt that the commerce and industries have developed. The principal trade is in earthenware, glass, arms, lead, tools, copper, zinc, tobacco, cigars, and beer. There is a 17th-century town-house of some note, the church of St. Servatius has a Descent from the Cross by Yandyk, while the church of Our Lady has two old crypts and a fine 16th-century choir. At Pietersberg, in the neighbourhood, are some sandstone quarries which are renowned for their wonderful galleries, many thousands in number and extending for miles, in which have been found some remarkable fossils. The district retains its own dialect.