Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Madi. 1. A people of East Sudan on both banks of the White Nile below Lake Albert Nyanza; the Egyptian station of Dufli was in the territory of the Madi, who greatly resemble their Lur and Shuli neighbours both in appearance, usages, and their fantastic style of head-dress. But the language is quite distinct and, according to Emin Pasha (Letters), is related to that of the Zandehs (Niam-Niam). 2. A Negro tribe occupying the right (north) bank of the Welle about lat. 3° 40' N.; probably akin to the Mombuttus (Junker. Travels, ii.). 3. A low caste people of the Bustar district, left bank of the Godavery, British India; Gonds of Dravidian speech; pagans.