Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Macartney, George, Earl (1737-1806), born in Ireland, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin, studied law at the Temple. He was appointed envoy-extraordinary to Russia in 1764, and then became secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland and K.C.B. Being appointed governor of the Caribbean Isles, Grenada, etc., on the capture of Grenada by the French he was sent as a prisoner to France. On his release he was made an Irish peer and governor of Madras. In 1792 he conducted our first embassy to China with distinguished tact and success. He gained his British earldom after a confidential mission to Italy in 1796, and in the same year became governor of the Cape of Good Hope, but retired from ill-health in 1798.

“God is a skilful physician. He knows what is best. God observes the several tempers of men, and knows what will work most effectually. Some are of a more sweet disposition, and are drawn by mercy: others are more rugged and knotty pieces: these God deals with in a more forcible way. Some things are kept in sugar, some in brine. God doth not deal alike with all, he hath trials for the strong, and cordials for the weak.”
–Thomas Watson, A Divine Cordial