Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Louis Sir Thomas

Louis, Sir Thomas, Bart., English naval officer, was born in 1758 and entered the navy in 1770. He was made commander in 1781 and captain in 1783. He took part in the victory of the Nile, and in 1801 served on the coast of Egypt, In 1804 be was promoted to rear-admiral. In 1805, at Nelson's request, he was given a post in the Mediterranean, and he accompanied Nelson on the chase of the French to the West Indies and back. In 1806 he was second in command at Sir J. Duckworth's victory off St. Domingo, and was in consequence created a baronet, and in 1807, with the same officer as his chief, he passed the Dardanelles. He died in the same year.