Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Loucheux, Franco-Canadian name of a North American people, who call themselves Binjie ("Men"), and who are a branch of the Dene-Dinjie (Athabascan) family. They roam the Mackenzie basin from about lat. 67° N. to the Eskimo domain, and have also extensive hunting grounds in Alaska, but number scarcely 8,000 altogether, scattered over a territory some 200,000 square miles in extent. Formerly they visited Fort Good Hope, hence known to the Canadian trappers as Fort des Loucheux, but they have now withdrawn farther north, and bring their peltries to the Hudson Bay Company's agents at Fort Macpherson. The Loucheux are the same people as the "Quarrellers," so named by the explorer Mackenzie because of their incessant wranglings with their Eskimo neighbours.