Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Local Government Actsand Board

Local Government Acts and Board. Numerous statutes have been passed during the present reign, giving to certain districts the power of adopting and carrying into effect the provisions of the Public Health Act, without the necessity of a provisional order of the former General Board of Health confirmed by Act of Parliament; and by a statute passed in the year 1871, the Local Government Board was constituted for the purpose of concentrating in one department of the Government the supervision of the laws relating to the public health, the relief of the poor, and local government. This Board may be said to have the control of the various local authorities entrusted with the execution of these laws in their respective districts, and its sanction is necessary for many puposes, e.g. the borrowing of money by sanitary authorities under the Public Health Acts. The Local Government Act, 1888, established County Councils throughout England and Wales. [County Councils.]'