Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Llorente, Juan Antonio (1756-1823), a Spanish historian, educated at Tarragona, was ordained priest in 1779, became vicar-general of Calahorra (1781), and chief secretary to the Inquisition (1791). After the suppression of the Inquisition he published (1817) his Critical History of the Inquisition in Spain. On the return of Ferdinand he was exiled, and lived in England and in Paris, where he published (1822) his Portraits Politiques des Rapes, which caused his exile from France.

" Lloyd's," an incorporated association of underwriters, or persons who, for consideration, guarantee the risk of loss of shipping and cargoes, etc. It takes its name from a coffee-house which, about 1688, was kept by Edward Lloyd in Tower Street, and was a notable resort of London merchants. Lloyd removed in 1691 to the corner of Abchurch Lane and Lombard Street, and soon made his house the headquarters of the shipping business. "Lloyd's" now occupies part of the first floor of the Royal Exchange, Cornhill, and the present association dates from 1771. It was incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1871. To assist its operations it has agents at all the large commercial ports in the world, and it supports a daily paper, Lloyd's List. A distinct but allied association also issues annually Lloyd's Register, which contains particulars, accumulated by Lloyd's agents and surveyors, of every ship in existence of upwards of 100 tons' measurement. It publishes, in addition, a Yacht Register. For insurance purposes, Lloyd's through a sub-committee classifies ships and assigns them a character which regulates the conditions of insurance. The soundness and seaworthiness of the vessel herself are indicated by a letter, the efficiency of her equipment by a number, and to the letter and number may be added the length of time for which the classification is expected to hold good. The letters used are A, A (red), M, and E. Numbers prefixed to letters are for purposes of comparison only, 100, for example, being better than 90.