Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Lightfoot, Joseph Baebee (1828-89), was the son of a Liverpool accountant. He was educated at King Edward's school, Birmingham, and at Trinity College, Cambridge. He was elected a scholar of his college in 1849, a fellow in 1851, and a tutor in 1857. He was senior classic (1851), first Chancellor's medallist, and a wrangler. He was ordained in 1854, and in 1861 was elected Hulsean Professor of Divinity. His lectures on the New Testament were crowded beyond precedent. In 1862 he became chaplain to the Queen and examining chaplain to the Bishop of London, but refused to stand for the Regius Professorship of Divinity at Cambridge in 1870. Five years later, however, he accepted the Lady Margaret professorship. In 1871 he was appointed Canon of St. Paul's, having in 1867 declined the see of Lichfield. In 1879 he accepted that of Durham, and continued to spend the whole of his episcopal ihcome in the diocese till his death.