Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Leprosy is a disease which prevailed largely in Europe during the Middle Ages, but which is now practically confined in that continent to certain parts of Norway and Sweden. It is still, however, a formidable malady in India, China, parts of Africa, Hawaii, and elsewhere. The disease occurs in two form - tubercular and ancesthetie leprosy. In the former variety little nodules are developed in the skin; these subsequently set up ulceration and much scarring results. In anaesthetic leprosy the nerve-trunks are primarily affected, and numbness, tingling, and wasting of muscles are prominent symptoms. The disease is said to be due to the development within the body of a micro-organism known as the bacillus lepra, which presents many points of resemblance to the tubercle bacillus.

Leprosy is practically incurable.