Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Lazes, the westernmost branch of the Georgian race, who give their name to the mountainous region of Lazistan, on the south-east side of the Black Sea. Unlike the other members of the group, who are Christians, the Lazes are Mohammedans, and were all subjects of Turkey till 1878, when the rectification of frontiers after the Russo-Tuikish War, assigned a considerable section of the nation (Batoum district) to Russia. Their speech differs little from the Mingrelian dialect of Georgian, but it has borrowed a large number of loan words from the surrounding Greek and Turkish populations. The Lazes are physically a fine race, brave, courteous, and fond of show in their picturesque national costume; they make excellent sailors, and many emigrate from their overcrowded upland valleys, seeking employment as artisans as far west as Constantinople. (Deyrolle, Lazistan et Armenie, in Tour du Monde, 1875-76.)