Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Lawrence John

Lawrence, John, Lord (1811-79), known as the "Saviour of India" for his services during the Mutiny, brother of the above, was born at Richmond, Yorks. In 1827 he entered at Haileybury, where he carried off the chief prizes, and then entered the Indian Civil Service, the neighbourhood of Delhi being the chief scene of his early labours. In the Punjab he became very popular by reason of his protection of the peasants against the tyranny of the chiefs and the good system of land tenure which he introduced; and this popularity it was that enabled him to raise an army of 59,000 Sikhs and capture Delhi. In 1861 he received the Star of India, and in 1863 was appointed Governor-General. In 1869 he was made Baron Lawrence, and during 1870-73 was on the London School Board. He had strong opinions about the interference of England in Afghan affairs, and was opposed to the Afghan campaign of Lord Roberts.