Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Lawrence. 1- A town of Kansas, U.S.A., capital of Douglas county, situated on both sides of the river Kansas, 40 miles above its junction with the Missouri. It is a railway junction, and has a good trade, one of its special industries being pork packing. It contains the state university, and there are carriage-works, mills, and other industries. The town was founded by Abolitionists, and was consequently in bad odour, and was partly burnt in 1856, and again in 1863.

2. A town in Essex count}', Massachusetts, U.S.A., on the banks of the Merrimac, and 26 miles N. of Boston. It has considerable manufactures, the water-power of the river being utilised by means of a dam and canals which distribute the power. The granite dam is 1,629 feet long. Four bridges, two of which are railway bridges, cross the river. The chief industries are cotton-, woollen-, and clothworking, paper-making, and engine, boiler, and machinery shops.