Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Lauderdale, John Maitland, Duke op (1616-82), a Scottish administrator who gained for himself much odium among the Scottish Covenanters as the Viceroy of Charles II. He succeeded to the title of Earl of Lauderdale in 1645, and in 1657 was made prisoner at Worcester, and suffered nine years' imprisonment. At the Restoration he was made Secretary of State in Scotland, and used all his influence to advance the power of the Crown. He was in high favour with the king, was made Privy Councillor, and was a member of the famous Cabal, and was created Duke in 1672. An attempt to pass censure upon him was made in the House of Commons in 1678, but without success. He died at Tunbridge Wells. His private life conformed to the general type of the period.