Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Latuka, a Negroid people of the Upper Nile basin, who occupy the uplands between the White Nile and the Sobat. Both in type and speech they have much in common with the Hamitic Gallas, and may be regarded as of mixed Galla and Negro descent. Morally also they differ greatly from the neighbouring Nilotic Negroes, being much more energetic, resolute, and brave; and, but for their incessant tribal feuds, the Latukas could not fail to become the dominant people in the Upper Nile region. Although wearing scarcely any clothes, they expend infinite labour on their hair, building it up in the form of a helmet and other fantastic shapes, which it takes eight or ten years to bring to perfection. Like their Bari neighbours, the Latukas show great skill in smelting and working iron, which is widely diffused throughout their territory.