Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Latude, Henri Masero de (1725-1805), the celebrated prisoner, was born near Montagnac, Languedoc. In 1748, when he had come to Paris to complete his education in mathematics, he had an interview with Madame de Pompadour at Versailles, and warned her of the speedy arrival of a box of explosives through the post. When it was discovered that the contents were harmless, and that the whole thing was the stratagem of a young man to push his fortune, Latude was sent to the Bastille. After escaping from the donjon of Vincennes, whither he had been removed, he gave himself up, and remained in the Bastille for twenty-seven years, till 1777. His ingenious attempts to escape are related by Thierry. Soon after his release he came again to Paris, contrary to express orders, and was again confined for seven years. He demanded and obtained compensation in 1793.