Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry (1802-73), the great animal-painter, was born in London. He made sketches of animals before he was six years old, and also etched at an early age. In his twelfth year he gained the silver medal of the Society of Arts. In .1816 he entered the Royal Academy schools, and next year exhibited a portrait of a terrier. In 1820 he gained his first great success with his Alpine Mastiffs reanimating a Bead Traveller: In 1826 he was elected A.R.A., and in the following year exhibited his first great Highland picture. In 1831 he became an Academician, and in the same year exhibited at the British Institution his High Life and Low Life, now in the National Gallery. Between 1830 and, 1840 were also painted his most popular dog-pictures, Jack in Office, Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner, A Bistinguished Member of the Humane Society, and Laying down the Law. In 1850 he was knighted, in 1855 received the gpld medal at the Paris Exhibition, and in 18.59 began the.lions, in Trafalgar Square. He refused, the presidency of the Royal Academy in 1865. For many years he suffered from great mental depression, and in 1868 was hurt in a railway accident. He was buried in St. Paul's.