Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Lancaster. 1. The assize town of Lancashire, stands on the S. bank of the river Lune, 20 miles N. of Preston. The old castle is now used as the county gaol. The church of St. Mary dates from the 15th century, and contains some fine stained glass. In 1698 the town was almost destroyed by fire. Among its modern institutions are the Ripley Hospital for orphans and a public park. There is a dock at Glasson, five miles distant, where the larger vessels unload. Whewell and Richard Owen were natives of the town, which was disfranchised in 1867 for corrupt practices.

2. The chief town of Pennsylvania, 69 miles W. of Philadelphia, was founded in 1730, and was for some years the capital of the state. It has large tobacco warehouses, and numerous cotton mills, breweries, and tanneries. Among educational establishments are the Franklin and Marshal College and a theological college for members of the German Reformed Church.