Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Lammergeier, the German name of the Bearded Eagle, Vulture, or Griffin (Gypactus barbatus), the Quebranta-huesos, or Bone-smasher of the Spaniards, the largest bird of prey in the Old World. This eagle, with the habits of a vulture, ranges from the south-east of Europe and the north of Africa eastward to China. The length is from three to four feet, and the wing-spread from nine to ten feet. The plumage on the upper surface is brownish black, tawny beneath; the white head bears a black line on each side, and there is a tuft of black bristles at the base of the bill. It is a cowardly bird, feeding on small mammals and carrion; and stories, apparently well authenticated, are told of its carrying off young children.