Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Kutosoff, Michael Larivonovitch (1745-1813), Field-Marshal and Prince of Smolensk, studied at Strasburg, where he displayed great fondness for literature, a taste which remained with him throughout his military career. At the age of sixteen he entered the artillery, and mounted rapidly, but lost an eye in one engagement, and was again severely wounded in another. In 1791 he won the battle which led to the Treaty of Jassy. Catherine II. sent him on an embassy to Constantinople, and made him Governor of Finland, Paul I. employed him on many missions, and Alexander I. made him Governor of St. Petersburg. He fought at Austerlitz, and was engaged against the Turks in 1809. In 1812 he was opposed to Napoleon, and was defeated at Moskowa, but his Fabius-like policy stood him in good stead, and he won the name of Smolenski at the battle of Kranoi. He followed the French retreat into Germany, where he died. He stands next Suwarrow in reputation, and was known as "the Saviour of Russia."