Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Knight, Charles (1791-1873), an author and publisher, was the son of a Windsor bookseller. He early wrote verses and started a newspaper, but his ambition was to be a popular educator. His first effort in this direction was made in 1820, when he began to edit The Plain Englishman. Three years later he set up as a publisher in London, and obtained the assistance of Macaulay, Praed, and other rising men of letters for his magazine. The Penng Cgclopadia, The Gallery of Portraits, Lane's Arabian Nights, the Pictorial History of England, and other useful works were published by him. He himself wrote a great part of London (1841-44). In 1841 appeared Knight's Pictorial Skakspeare. In his Store of Knowledge for all Readers, which came out weekly, there were contributions by Harriet Martineau, G. H. Lewes, and Mrs. Jameson. The Popular History of England, in eight volumes, was finished in 1862.