Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Khonds, aborigines of Enst Central India. chiefly in the Orissa Hills, with two groups (Kochriah and Pahnria) in Sambalpur, rare now of Dravidian speech like the Gonds, to whom thev seem closely akin. Both terms simply mean "Hillmen" in Tcltigu. Three chief branches r Bcttiah. servile tribes in the forests below the Ghats; Benniah, froe and settled tribes on the wooded skirts of the hills; and the independent Khonds of the central tableland of the Ghats; average height, muscular frame, high cheek-bones, nose broad at tip and sometimes arched, full lips; clear glossy skin, ranging from a light bamboo to a deep copper shade; intelligent, pleasing expression; spirit worshippers. (Captain Macpherson in Calcutta Review, v. p. 41.)