Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Khampti (Khamti), a semi-civilised people of both slopes of the Patkoi range between the Brahmaputra and Irawady, and in the Sudiya district, Assam; are of Shan stock, originally from the Bor Khampti country about the headwaters of the Irawady; remarkably fair complexion, and in physique superior to all the surrounding peoples; are nominal Buddhists, possessing some culture; all read and write their Shan dialect and often Burmese, both languages being written in the Burmese character; endless tribal groups, each with its gohain (chief) and separate villages, and each known by the pattern of the men's waist-clothes. (T. T. Cooper, The Mishmi Hills, passim.)