Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Kerman (Karamania), a province of Persia, bounded by Khorassan and Afghanistan to the N. and N.E., Baluchistan and the Persian Gulf to the S.E. and S., and Laristan and Fars to the W. The area is about 60,000 square miles, much of the northern portion being a barren waste covered with saline incrustations. In other parts cotton, madder, saffron, tobacco, gums, fruit, and attar are produced in abundance. The hair of the goats and camels and silk are, however, the most valuable articles of commerce, and fine fabrics, shawls, and carpets are manufactured. Iron, copper, and sulphur are worked. Moghistan, the coast district to the E,, belongs to Muscat.