Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Karons, a savage people of north-west New Guinea, who occupy the uplands back of Geelvinck Bay; visited in 1879 by M. Raffray, who regards them, not as Papuans, like most of the New Guineai populations, but true Negritoes, resembling the Aeta aborigines of the Philippine Islands. They are an extremely rude people, living exclusively by the chase, dwelling in wretched hovels made of branches, wearing no clothes except a few strips of bark dangling from a string round the loins, and addicted to cannibalism, which, however, is restricted to the enemy killed in battle. Short, thick-set figures, curly hair, very prominent superciliary arches, deep brown complexion, wild unsteady glance. (Tour du Monde, xxxvii.)