Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Karoks, a North American people, who formerly occupied the Klamath river valley, about the borders of California and Oregon, jointly with the Yuroks and Modoks. These names indicate the several positions of the three tribes, Ka-roh meaning the "lower river," Yu-rok the "upper river," and Mo-dok, the "head of the river." The Karoks are described as physically the finest of all the Californian natives - tall, shapely figures, well-proportioned extremities, features more regular than those of most Indians. Their arms were the bow and arrow and a chipped stone, with which fearful wounds could be inflicted in hand-to-hand fights. They worshipped the spirits of the earth and forests, and paid great respect to the dead, who were buried with much ceremony. (R. S. Powers, Tribes of California, in Contributions to American Ethnology, Washington, 1877.)