Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Kahtanides, one of the fundamental divisions of the Arab race - the settled as opposed to the Bedouin or nomad element - form the bulk of the population of Yemen (Arabia Felix), and claim descent from Kahtan, the Joktan, son of Heber (Genesis x. 25). From a legendary Himyar, grandson of Kahtan, they took the name of Himyarites, the Homerites of Greek writers; but with the adoption of Islam they gradually laid aside their old Himyaritic speech, and now speak the Koreish, or classical Arabic of the Koran, Though now much mixed with black blood through the female slaves imported from Africa, the Kahtanides are still regarded as the elder and purer branch of the race; hence are known as Arab el-Ariba, i.e. "Arabs of the Arabs."