Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Kababish, i.e. "Goatherd," a large Arab tribe, East Sudan, chiefly along the west bank of the White Nile between 12° to 15° N. lat,, and on the steppes bordering the caravan route running from Kordofan to the Nile at Dongola. They are akin but often hostile to the Bakkara ("Cowherds"), who dwell further south and along the Bahr el-Arab nearly to its source. Both are fanatical Mohammedans, hunters and robbers, devoting most of their energies to slave-raiding and plundering expeditions. Before the Mahdist revolt (1882) the Kababish were estimated at 60,000, divided into about forty sub-tribes. (Parkyns, The Kubbabish Arabs; Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, xx., p. 254.)