Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Jura, the name of a range of mountains running through the western cantons of Switzerland and extending southwards into France. They are formed of several parallel ridges having a length of nearly 200 miles and a breadth of 30 miles in the south, where are the highest peaks - Molesson 6,588 feet, Tendre 5,538 feet, and Dole 5,509 feet. Between the ridges are long valleys. The Doubs and other smaller rivers have their source in this range.

2. A French department takes its name from the Jura range, which occupies its south-east portion. Cattle are reared in large quantities on the rich pastures, and corn and the vine are grown.

3. An island of the Hebrides, west of Scotland, lying between Islay and the mainland, from which it is separated by the Sound of Jura. The island, which is 24 miles long and 8 broad, is very mountainous, the highest peak being 2,700 feet high. Very little of the soil is cultivated. There is a deep inlet in the west called Loch Tarbert.