Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Juno, the consort of Jupiter and queen of the gods. She was the protectress of women in general, and of wives in particular. She was worshipped first at Veii and afterwards at Rome, as well as throughout Etruria. She had a sanctuary on the Aventine Hill, and also a temple on the Capitoline, which contained the mint of which she was the guardian genius. Sacrifices were offered to her on their birthdays by women; and on March 1st she had a festival called Matronalia. She presided over all the periods and aspects of married life, and bore the names of Domiduca, Juga, Pronuba, Lucina in reference to each. The month of June, considered most auspicious for marriage, was originally Junonius. In her public capacity she was known as Curiatia or Populonia. Juno is equivalent to the Greek Hera, and Virgil borrows his conception of the Latin deity from Homer's Queen of Olympus.