Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Jude, the name of the writer of the "Epistle of St. Jude," one of the shortest and least important books in the New Testament. In v. 1 he calls himself "the brother of James," probably James, the Lord's brother, and then claims to be the Judas named among the Lord's brethren, St. Matt, xiii.56, St. Mark vi. 3. In v. 17 he distinguishes himself from the apostles, so that most likely he was not Jude the apostle, who was also called Lebbaeus and Thaddaeus. There has been much discussion concerning St. Jude's Epistle, and it is not in the Syriac Bible, but was early included among the acknowledged Christian scriptures. The Epistle, which is largely identical with the Second of St. Peter, is addressed to Jewish Christians.