Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Juarez, Benito Pablo (1806-72), Mexican statesman of Indian extraction, first took part in political affairs in 1846. Having been Governor of Oajaca for four years, he was banished by Santa Anna, President of Mexico, in 1852. Three years later, however, he became Minister of Justice under Alvarez, and having been Secretary of State under that President's successor, became the Liberal candidate for the Presidency after Zuloaga's coup d'etat. After a civil war he was elected by Congress in 1861 to the headship of the State; and Mexico became involved with the European powers on account of his measures. Outrages were committed on Europeans, and the payment of their debts was suspended for two years. England and Spain joined France in sending troops to Mexico in 1862, but the latter power was soon left alone. Napoleon 111. put forward the Archduke Maximilian for the throne, and did not withdraw his support of him until after the protest of the United Suites Government. The Republican cause was now triumphant; and Maximilian having been captured by treachery, was shot on June 19,1867. The remainder of the lii'e of Juarez was occupied in the struggle to maintain his position, which he was only able to do by the most arbitrary measures. In 1871 he was defeated by Diaz at the Presidential Election, but retained power by the favour of the populace. He died, however, when his position had begun to become secure.