Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Jouffroy, Theodore Simon (1796-1842), a French philosopher, was born at Pontets, Doubs. He studied under Cousin at the Ecole Normale, and in 1817 became assistant professor of philosophy. He became an adherent of the Scotch school, wrote a preface to Stewart's Moral Philosophy, and translated some of Reid's works, to which he also wrote a preface. He was for some years a deputy in the French Assembly, but made no mark there and ruined his health. In 1833 he became professor of ancient philosophy at the College de France. His philosophical views are set out in his Cours de Droit Naturel (1835), Melanges Philosophiques, and other works published posthumously. He had little originality, but possessed even more than the usual French lucidity in exposition.