Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Joubert Barthelemi Catherine

Joubert, Barthelemi Catherine (1769-99), a French general of great promise, was born at Pont-de-Vaux, department of the Aisne, and entered the army in 1791. He greatly distinguished himself on the Rhine and in Italy, rendering prominent services at Loano and Lodi, but winning his chief laurels at Castiglione and Rivoli. His campaign in the Tyrol which followed was called by Carnot "le campagne des geants," and forced Austria to come to terms. After commanding in Holland he next gained possession of Piedmont by a brilliant coup. So great was his reputation that he had been selected by the directors to carry out the coup d'etat which Bonaparte afterwards directed' (18 Brumaire); but his career was cut short at the battle of Novi, where he fell mortally wounded.