Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Jasmin, Jacques (1798-1864), Gascon poet and barber, was the son of a tailor at Agen. His real name was Boe. The young Jacques set up as a barber in his native town, but in 1835 published some poems in the dialect of Languedoc. He afterwards published three other volumes, which he called "Papillotos" (curl papers). Among these were "L'abuglo de Castelouille," which Longfellow translated as "The Blind Girl of Castelcuille," "Franeonnetto," and "Charivari," a mock heroic poem. He went about giving public recitations of these, and attained a wide popularity which extended even beyond France. He received a pension from the Acaderaie, and a golden crown from his native town.