Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Jakuns, collective name of numerous aboriginal tribes of the Malay peninsula, who present a great variety of types, showing all the transitions between the indigenous Negritoes and the intruding Malays. Including the Sakai, Besisk, and others, there are three distinct groups, those of Johore in the extreme south, of Malacca on the west coast, and of Rumbau and Saney-Ujong further inland. Some are scarcely to be distinguished from the true Negritoes, being noted for their small stature (4 ft. 10 in.), deep brown complexion, frizzly hair and pronounced prognathism. They mostly speak rude Malay dialects, wear no clothing, dwell in frail huts of branches and foliage, and live exclusively by the chase. (Borie, On the Wild Tribes of the Interior of the Malay Peninsula; E. T. Henry. Sur les Races Sauvages de la Peninsule Malaise, et en particulier sur les Jakuns, in Bull. de la Soc. d'Anthrop, IX. p. 717.)