Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Jackson Thomas Jefferson

Jackson, Thomas Jefferson (1824-63), was born in West Virginia. He entered the army in 1846, and distinguished himself in the Mexican War. In 1851 he became a professor in the Military Academy of Virginia, and soon after resigned his commission in the army. Ten years later, when his native State seceded, Jackson was appointed colonel in the Confederate army, and commanded a brigade under Johnston at the first battle of Bull Run. Here he acquired the sobriquet of "Stonewall Jackson" by the firmness of his troops under the Federal fire. He was immediately after given a command, and gained the victories of Winchester and Port Republic. He afterwards co-operated with Lee, and drove one Federal army northward. In 1862 he was made lieutenant-general. After rendering good service in the defence of Fredericksburg, he brought to a culminating point his military career by a brilliant manoeuvre and charge in the battle of Chancellorsville (1863). A few days later he died from the results of wounds received from his own army, some of whom had fired upon him by mistake at night.