Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Imperialism is a term which may be used with a great variety of meanings, according to the circumstances under which it is applied. As used of modern Germany, it denotes the union of several distinct States, under a single ruler, who forms, as it were, a focus for the national feeling, and is able to give effect by his policy to the national aspirations. It was probably partly with the view of fostering a feeling of this kind, as well as of overawing the Indian population, that Lord Beaconsfield had the Queen proclaimed Empress of India. A similar notion underlies the aims and is expressed in the title of the "Imperial Federation League" and the "Imperial Institute" - viz. that England should remain the centre and rallying-point of the various branches of the Anglo-Saxon race, which, however widely sundered, retain the ties of a common race and language, political and social institutions, etc.