Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Iagnobs, a people of East Turkestan, who give their name to the Iagnob affluent of the Upper Zerafshan river; they are of Galcha stock, and the only known member of this group who speak a distinct Aryan language unintelligible to all the surrounding Galchas, who are of Persian speech. Like their neighbours, the Iagnobs are Mohammedans of the Sunni sect, occupied chiefly with stock-breeding. (Ch. de Ujfalvy, Rev. d'Anthropologie, 1879, Jan., p. 8.).

“Christ was like us in our nature, but not in our blemishes; he had our flesh, but without the least stain of imperfection; he had the likeness of sinful flesh, but there was not any sin in him.”
–Stephen Charnock, Discourses on Christ Crucified