Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hypogynous, inserted below the ovary, a term applied to corolla and stamens in certain flowering plants in which the floral receptacle or thalamus retains the typically elongate form of a shoot, not being peripherally expanded into a disc or cup, so that the floral leaves succeed one another in acropetal succession directly upon it. This character is well illustrated by a section of the flower of a buttercup, as contrasted with one through the perigynous (q.v.) flower of a bramble. Insertion is a character of great importance in the classification of angiosperms (q.v.), and hypogynous insertion gives the name Hypogynw to series of Petaloid Monocotyledons, of Incompletee (q.v.), and of Gamopetalee (q.v.), whilst the practically synonymous term thalamifloral gives the name Thalamiftorcs to a series of Polypetalous Dicotyledons.