Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Huron, Lake, one of the five great lakes of North America, is bounded by Canada on the N., S., and E., and on the W. by the United States. It is 218 miles long from N. to S., and is 180 miles broad in its widest part, but the southern arm which receives the waters of the St. Clair river is only about 60 miles in the widest part. The large island of Manitoulin, which is the largest island of the lake and is 100 miles long, with a breadth varying from 4 to 25 miles, is inhabited. A part of the lake is cut off by this island and by a peninsula running up from the S. and ending in Cape Hurd. Georgian Bay, as this part is called, contains numerous islands, but none of any great size, while some are little more than dots. Lake Huron is fed by Lakes Michigan and Superior, and itself flows by the St. Clair river into Lake St. Clair, and from that by the Detroit river into Lake Erie.