Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hurd, Richard (1720-1808), an English bishop and author, was born at Congreve, in Staffordshire, and educated at Emanuel College, Cambridge, of which society he became fellow in 1742. His earlier works were editions of the Ars Poetica and other classics, and in 1757 he criticised Hume's Essay on the Natural History of Religion. He also wrote Moral and, Political Dialogues, and Letters on Chivalry and Romance, and in 1772 he published his Warburton Lectures, delivered at Lincoln's Inn, under the title of "Introduction to the Study of the Prophecies concerning the Christian Church." He also published an edition of Bishop Warburton's works and Warburton's correspondence. In 1775 he was made Bishop of Lichfield, and was translated to Worcester in 1781.