Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hundred, Hundredors. A hundred is a district forming part of a county, and governed by a High Constable or bailiff, and originally so called because each consisted of a hundred families of freeholders or ten tithings. A Hundred Court is much the same as a Court Baron, only that it is larger, and is held for the inhabitants of a particular hundred instead of a Manor; it resembles a Court Baron in not being a Court of Record, and in the free suitors being the Judges and the Steward the Registrar. Hundredors ate persons empanelled or fit to be empanelled on a jury upon a controversy arising within the hundred where the land in question lies. The word "hundredor" also sometimes signifies he who has the jurisdiction of a hundred, and holds the Hundred Court, and sometimes it is used for the bailiff of a hundred. [Constable, Tithing.]