Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Hume, Joseph (1777-1855), a political and financial reformer, was born at Montrose. He was brought up to the medical profession, and made his studies at Edinburgh. He obtained an appointment as assistant ship's surgeon in the East India Company's service in 1797. He worked hard at Eastern languages, and in the Mahratta War acted as Persian interpreter in Lord Lake's army, besides doing medical duties, and filling other posts. Having thus accumulated a moderate fortune, he returned to Europe, and after an extensive foreign tour sat for a short time in Parliament. Losing his seat, and failing to become, as he desired, a director of the East India Company, he turned his energies to social reforms. Returned for the Aberdeen burghs, he attacked vigorously corruption and other abuses, and, though having no powers as an orator, he managed by his statistical knowledge and other qualities to obtain the respect of all parties during his chequered and somewhat intermittent parliamentary career.