Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Hugh St

Hugh, St. (1135-1200), Bishop of Lincoln, was born at Avalon in Burgundy. His father, who was Lord of Avelon, became a monk, and the boy was educated in the monastery. He became deacon at the age of nineteen, and in 1160 he joined the Carthusian order. In 1175 Henry II. brought him to the Carthusian convent at Witham, and in 1186 made him bishop. St. Hugh often offended Henry by his sturdy opposition, but regained his favour by his bonhomie and tact. He was loyal to Richard, but made an important point in constitutional history by opposing the granting of a subsidy to the king. The bishop was present at the coronation of King John. He almost rebuilt Lincoln cathedral, and when, after his death, miracles were reported to be worked at his tomb, he became the St. Thomas of the north.